The Whig Party is sitting out the current situation in British politics. Brexit is a mess and the Tories are a shambolic government. We believe that there is a place for a socially liberal and economically literate party that stands up for progress, intelligence, and decency. But we don’t think we will make much impact right now. We chose not to stand any candidates at the 2017 General Election, and we expect not to stand any before 2022. Because next time we run, we’re running to win.


“Perhaps as long as there has been a political history in this country there have been certain people of a cool, moderate, resolute firmness… with a clear view of the next step, and a wise intention to act on it; with a strong conviction that the elements of knowledge are true, and a steady belief that the present world can, and should be, quietly improved. These are the Whigs”

Walter Bagehot