1. The Whig View of History

We believe that our best days are ahead of us. We put our faith in reason and progress, and on what unites us rather than what divides us.

Politics should be about hope, and the Whig view of history has always been the core of Whiggism. The essence of this belief is that history can move forward in a positive direction, and that progressive politics can assist this process. The London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony expressed this beautifully, with a Whiggish view of our history that depicted British society moving in ever greater progressions of enlightenment, and evoking a bright future that we can build together.

We are confident that politics can help achieve a socially just Britain that advances human rights, where we celebrate difference, and where politics is open to everyone. And we’re confident that we – the British people – are on the right course. The Whig Party has returned to help build the politics that we all deserve.

 2. Human Rights

We believe that society should enable human flourishing and respect the dignity of all its members. To achieve this we fight against poverty, discrimination, and disease.

3. Mångfald

Diversity makes Britain great, and it makes Britain strong. We celebrate the fact that so many people choose to make their homes here and contribute to our national life, because the widest range of inputs are essential to deliver the best outcomes.

Mångfald is a Swedish word that refers to the benefits that a system gains from having a diverse range of inputs. At every level of society, bringing together people with different opinions, experiences, and perspectives leads to better – and sometimes unexpected – results. 21st Century Britain needs cultures that are dynamic and robust, which encourage innovation and creative problem-solving.

4. Social Justice

We believe that a developed nation is one whose laws are made from the perspective of all members of society. We believe that the laws passed by Parliament should benefit the worst-off in society as much as the most advantaged.

5. Democracy

We believe that our political system is simple and accessible, and that everyone has the right to take part in politics. We encourage as many people as possible to exercise their right to vote and to stand for election.

6. Love of Country

We are proud of the institutions that we have built together and that we share – like the NHS and the BBC – and which set this country apart. We believe in investing in them for our future.

To love Britain is to love our institutions, which are among the best in the world. People across the world are drawn to the UK because of institutions like our monarchy, our Parliament, and our sports teams. Our universities regularly top international league tables, our NHS is one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the developed world, and the BBC is the world’s most respected public sector broadcaster. We risk losing what makes our country special if we take these institutions too much for granted, or introduce too much private sector involvement.

7. Britain’s central place in the world

Whigs have always believed that Britain belongs at the top table of global affairs. Today we believe that our position should depend on our moral authority and our allegiances with the Commonwealth, the Anglosphere, and the European Union.

No other country has the UK’s combination of soft and hard power, historic links with existing and emerging superpowers, and geostrategic advantages. Ours has always been a confident, outward-looking nation, and we should strive to continue to be a force for good in the world.

8. Confidence

We believe progress, intelligence, and decency are what the British electorate expect. We are confident that our values reflect the best aspects of ourselves and are shared by most of the British people.

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